Tuesday 30 June 2020

An up-close look at the Crosby Coal area

 A B&M local is on the main line while the coal dealer is setback onto the spur.
I few more photos taken with my old Canon pocket camera. It gives me a chance to place a camera down low and in the scene, on the tracks or any level surface and get an in-close view. I had not used it in a few years and it took a lot of charging to get the batteries working. I am thinking the camera is near its end of life date as it was acting up a bit and the photos are more grainy than in the past. I guess I better get as many views as I can..George Dutka

My scratch-built loading ramp next to Crosby coal. Looks like some unloading will be happening shortly.
A look at the new location of Crosby Coal. The tree is one of my new builds.

Monday 29 June 2020

Country Line Caboose - Hobby Shop

Country Line Caboose has been located in this building since 2000.
On Friday I went on a bit of a road trip north to Palmerston, Harriston and Elmwood, Ontario locations once along the CN Owen Sound Sub. Peter Mumby and I traveled this same route on June 14, 1997, or 23 years ago to attend a WOD-NMRA meet in Owen Sound. That was the last time I had been up that way, so it was interesting to see these location again.  A lot has changed. This post is about my last stop of the day, Elmwood the home of Country Line Caboose a hobby shop that on my past visit over two decades ago was still in the CN flanger which shared space with the ice cream shop.

Times have changed, the flanger is now used solely as the ice cream shop and a metal building is next door housing the hobby shop. I think it is an old truck trailer in disguise. The new shop was opened in 2000 with the annex in 2018 added in a storage building. The annex is mainly used stuff.

I picked up a few things in the hobby shop that I could not find locally. Of course I could not leave without getting an ice cream cone. They give you a customer card that once filled gets one a free cone. More on my trip later this week....George Dutka

The ice cream flanger and hobby shop June 26, 2020.
Carol Allen-Holtham purchased this caboose back in 1994 and opened the ice cream shop and hobby shop inside a year later in 1995. The flanger was moved from a farm field in Mildmay, Ontario along the long abandoned CN Southampton sub. The Owen Sound sub. I believe was right across the road from the flanger.
In 2018 the hobby shop expanded to the annex which has used and sell-off model railroad items.
A view from the road. Country Line caboose also attends most of the area model railway shows.

Sunday 28 June 2020

Snapshot - June 2020

At the west end of London yard CP 7043-7010 June 25 2020
SD90MAC units rebuilt by Progress Rail into 7000-series SD70ACu seem to be regulars around the London, Ontario area. There are two sets of power, a new SD90MAC rebuild combined with a CP heritage engine. These two views are from the CP London yard this past week working freights WB and back....George Dutka

CP 7053-7019 on the shop track June 23, 2020

Saturday 27 June 2020

Ideal Hosiery Shop

I am not sure of the scale but one can guess by the size of Kevin's hand.
Second post for today.

This is a very realistic structure by Kevin Dalenti. I have displayed some of his awesome modeling in the past. Great modeling inspiration...George Dutka

The prototype photo. When Kevin posted his finished model without his hand or any sort of scaling someone said it was not a model but a copy of this photo. That is when the hand and lighter showed up on the additional models photo.
A lighter to scale the model.

Polka Dot Diner Plans and Notes

My sketches that was used to build my model.
RMC contacted me a few weeks ago regarding my current article, Polka Dot Diner. It appears a subscriber wanted the dimensions and possibly a plan to build his own model. I guess I forgot to include the dimensions of the the structure in the body of the article. I should have also sent a copy of my plans that I worked from. Here is what I sent to Otto to help the subscriber...George Dutka

I took a looking down shot using my phone so one can see the curve to the front wall.
Some extra notes.

Friday 26 June 2020

What's in the Box No. 42

Atlantic Scale Models small station that resembles stations once found along the B&M, MEC or NH. I believe it might have been designed by Dave Frary. It has a really neat system to build the platform.
I picked up this kit at the Albany, NY Expo back in 2018. I finally got around to building the kit. It has a train order signal that includes a light. The station will be added to the WRD during the current re-do....George Dutka

Thursday 25 June 2020

Throwback Thursday - CN SD40s

CN 5039 is resting in the company of 9467 on the shop track at Rectory St in London, Ontario on April 12, 1986.
By Peter Mumby.
Numbered 5000-5240, CN acquired 241 SD40 locomotives from General Motors Diesel over the years 1967-1971.  In addition to standard CN features such as the horn/bell cluster above the windshield, these units carried distinctive snow shields mounted behind the cab.  Most of the SDs were built without dynamic brakes, although there were small groups equipped with this feature.  The two engines featured in today's photos illustrate some of the minor differences between various members of this long production run.

CN 5039, of CN class GF-30d, is wearing a tattered version of the as-delivered paint scheme.  This is one of the units which was assembled without dynamic brakes.  The horn is still mounted above the cab, and ditch lights have yet to be added.  CN 5121 belonged to class GF-30e, and had the dynamic brakes which were preferred for operation in Western Canada.  The horn has been moved from the cab front to the long hood, and ditch lights have been mounted on the pilot.  It has been repainted into the 1973 scheme which featured the stripes.

CN 5121, along with 2334 and 9575, powers train #380 past the London yard on March 22, 1994.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Late June - This and That

CV 8027 a Bachmann Alco offering peeks out from behind the local general store.
Another mix of topics that I thought one may like to see. On my workbench I am just finishing off a brass CPR caboose while my two National Scale Car models are waiting windows and a CN photo for final detailing. A BarMills kit is well along and another scrapbox structure is almost completed for the back alley scene...George Dutka

A nicely weathered gondola that I picked up already done at Railroad City Hobbies in St. Thomas. Jeff has a large collection of well detailed rolling stock for sale from an estate. One reason for picking up this car for my contemporary fleet is to possibly copy the weathering onto my other models.
A look inside. I love how it was done.
I met up with Peter Mumby last Wednesday at Frank Rd to get an overhead shot from the Frank Rd. "A" frame wooden overhead bridge. I had not been here in years and found it well overgrown. The CP mainline is also in view from this location but there is a lot of growth now. I did not have a lot of time for this shot as the train showed up just as I pulled my car over.
If you remember in last weeks Throwback Thursday Peter talked about SD90MAC units rebuilt by Progress Rail into 7000-series SD70ACu. Well here is one of the newest leading the way, 7053. The heritage unit is 7019.
I mentioned to Brian Smith that I have used Dollarama lettering for signs. He went out and got a set and added them to this structure. Hey Jim seems you have a fan in St. Thomas.
I am working on another building flat for my back alley diorama. I used this arrow and lettering from Dollarama to make the sign.
The lettering is weathered up. I shortened the arrow.
Brian Smith gave me this package of utility poles to work on for my layout...will see how they turn out shortly.

Monday 22 June 2020

Feed Mill Lisbon, NY

The feed mill at Lisbon, NY on March 18, 2012. I was on my way to New England.
Last week John Nehrich posted on Facebook a photo of the J.F. Carragher feed mill I had seen back in 2012. It is an old Rutland Ry. location. During my visit it was painted a bright yellow-gold which looked OK. Being a modeler the view that John posted is something one would like to model. The sheathing which is a pressed metal panels looks great. Lease agreements mention the structure to be 126' 9". by 36'4". The add-on is 11'9" by 10'9" offset 3'....George Dutka

John's post views the same feed store in Lisbon, NY c. 1973 a modelers treat and more model-able than see above.

Sunday 21 June 2020

GMD Recollections - Red Barn

CP SD40-2F number 9015 was on display at the north side of the GMD plant in London, Ontario on June 16, 1990.
By Peter Mumby.
CP 9015 is officially an SD40-2F, but its massive red flanks led railfans to refer to it as a "red barn."  The 25 members of CP class DRF-30y, numbers 9000-9024, were assembled by General Motors Diesel Division in 1988.  This unit has made a return visit to the plant to be part of the display for GMD's 40th anniversary celebration.  Note that, as built, 9015 has no window in the nose door.  Porthole windows would later be retrofitted to the doors of all members of this class.  In 2015 ten of these locomotives would be acquired by Central Maine and Quebec, although 9015 would not be included in this group.

Saturday 20 June 2020

Down Low at the Crossing

The tail end of a B&M train crosses the diamond on the main to Bellows Falls. Camera rests on the roadway for this view.
A couple of views at Bellows Crossing with my pocket Canon camera showing the general store as it looks now. It has been awhile since I last pulled this camera out...George Dutka

Looking into town and the diamond area. The rear of the general store is also in view. My small Canon camera can be set on the main line easily for this photo.

Friday 19 June 2020

CV Tool Car 4524

CV tool car seen in the yard at WRJ Oct. 11, 2017
CV Work car still in use at WRJ. The orange has sure faded while the rust streak grow...George Dutka

Thursday 18 June 2020

Throwback Thursday - CP SD90s

CP SD90MAC number 9138 arrived in London in the company of RS-11 ALGX 7201 on January 18, 2003.
By Peter Mumby.
CP 9138 was one of 61 SD90MAC locomotives, #9100-9160, built in 1998/99.  With 4300 hp prime movers, these belonged to class DRF-43.  Although these engines did not operate successfully for too many years, I got to see and photograph many of them in and around London, Ontario.  I chose to include this photo, however, because it was probably pretty unusual to find one in multiple with an RS-11.  Still lettered Erie Mining Co, the actual reporting mark on the cab side of this veteran was ALGX (Amsterdam Leasing). 

Roughly half of these  SD90MAC units have recently been rebuilt by Progress Rail into 7000-series SD70ACu locomotives.  The four SD90MAC-H engines, class DRF-60a, built in December of 1999, have not fared nearly as well.  These 6000 hp units, numbered 9300-9303, had even shorter working lives, so their section in my photo album is quite limited in size.

CP 9300 West is leaving London on October 30, 2003.
SD90MAC-H was unusual enough to warrant a second shot.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Sarnia Visit Last Week

A CN WB heading for the tunnel.
Here we have a few more views from my trip to Sarnia last Monday, June 8, 2020. And by the way that WB had two of the ex-B&M covered hoppers aboard...George Dutka

On the WB there was two ex-B&M covered hoppers. I have seen a number of these over the last month.
And the second car a few cars away.
The CN EB at Brigdon Rd.. had this real rust bucket included.
A local Sarnia switcher about to head out the CIL spur.
This freshly painted car looks good at least for now.
The CN CIL spur switcher makes a cut prior to departing.
A CN WB is doubling into C yard. I am thinking this might be the London turn job that handles the St. Thomas Formet frames on the head end.

Monday 15 June 2020

Andover General Store - Bellows Crossing

The CV local switcher works the Crossing at the newly installed general store.
This is the 7th post on the WRD in a row...back to the regular mix tomorrow.  Today we see the Mount Blue Model Co. version of the Andover, Maine general store. It was a nice kit to build and maybe at some point we will see how it went together. When I laid it out the structure is just placed on a sheet of Gatorfoam that was scenic. As mentioned it will be re-positioned shortly. I guess we will have to see how this scene transpires in the next few months...George Dutka

The road was realigned to accommodate the general store. There is a small area that customers can pull over at the door.
The front of the store is finished with a couple of figures, a dog and some pumpkins. There is a nice wooden screen door included in the kit that the gentleman is holding open. The fire alarm is an extra detail I added also offered by Mount Blue Model Co.
A view of the two rocks added instead of a steep grassy grade. Some trees crop the scene.
The back wall includes a door with steps and broom. I made a sandy path from the side door to the rear door. The structure has a brick foundation. The light over the side freight door will most likely be exchanged with a Woodland scenic working LED light once it is moved.
The overall scene. Looks like the tail end of the B&M milk train is leaving town.