Saturday, 7 April 2018

Building Flat - IHC Kit, Novelty Iron Works

I could not resist this building flat at last falls Woodstock train show. It now has a place on Don Janes Green Mountain Route.
Back last fall I picked up this IHC (International Hobby Corp) kit which was nicely constructed as a building flat. This was one of the structures on my wish list that I always wanted to build. I did not really need this structures as a building flat but it looked really good and for $20 not a bad price. Don was over for a visit before heading to Arizona and really liked the building flat explaining how it would fit one of his scenes, so off it went to his I can keep looking for the full kit...George Dutka

The original modeler did a wonderful job cutting this model down for use as a building flat. It is IHC Novelty Iron Works kit.
A well detailed model and the stone finishing is much better than it appears in these photos. I'm sure Don will do a few improvements that will make me wishing I still had it.

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