Wednesday 4 April 2012

O&LC Norwood, NY

Norwood, NY...Rutland Ry MP 95.7
today`s CSX interchange

One of my stops this spring following the Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain was Norwood, NY an  interchange location with the NYC. At one time the town hosted two stations, a NYC roundhouse that was used by the Rutland Ry also, a Rutland Ry coal tower and a good amount of yard trackage.

Currently the CSX pass through town and interchanges with The New York and Ogdensburg Railway Co. I did not find much evidence from the past but I did see a CSX train pull into town from the east, cut off and park it`s power in the middle of the yard which is not accessible to viewers. These few shots document my short visit...George

The old Rutland trackage looking towards Ogdensburg. Interchange yard is directly behind me.
CSX main line heading south  is on the left. The old Rutland Ry is on the right.

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