Sunday 15 July 2012

StJ&LC 70 Tonner's

Bachmann GE 70 Ton Engine
an easy conversion

This past spring I picked up a pair of the Bachmann 70 tonner that are painted but not lettered. They already have DCC on board and run great for the size of the engines. I have always liked the St J&LC so these two units will be an easy conversion since they are already painted properly and can be lettered using CDS dry transfers #196.

The units are painted in the Salzburg orange and cream from that era. Then engines were repainted in 1960 when Salzburg had full control of the St J&LC. So they would fall into the early 1960's era. St J&LC  No.'s 51, 53 and 54 all had dual headlights and best reflect this model. Other changes that could be done are the placement of the horn on the cab, marker lights, and end hand rails adjustments. The top of the car body should also be painted black. I will cover my conversions once I am done...George Dutka


  1. These engines had round headlights versus the rectangular that Bachmann created them with. Which works for the later version 70 ton engines. One of these engines was previously owned by the Unadilla Valley (another Salzberg Co.) There are several other flaws with the Bachmann engines ie: side louver placemnent, etc. Overall they look nice though.

    1. The StJ&LC had three engines with dual headlights they are engines 51, 53 and 54...I am modeling 53 and 54...I noted the louver placements but will leave them as is...the end handrails are also different which I will change and add the drop steps...thanks Jeff for the note on the single beam headlights which are found on most of the engines...I forgot to mention that point in the post...George.

  2. This is not about the StJ&LC but rather to let you know that the Bytown Railway Society will have ex-CV Crane 4251 under steam tomorrow at the Canada Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa as part of "Railway Days". The 4251 is coal-fired and has just had its smoke box renewed along with fresh paint on all hand rails, etc. Will try to see about getting some photos.