Friday, 17 August 2012

B&M Buskirk, NY Station

The ex-B&M Buskirk, NY station as it looked in March 2012 from the roadway.
A B&M Station as it looks today
Buskirk, NY
During my March 2012 road trip through New England I stopped at a few locations along the B&M West End. I was on my way to the tracks at East Buskirk to see what still remains when I came across the old Buskirk station. The tracks that once passed by this station was the Eastbound B&M main line. The Westbound main is located about a mile down the road. A smaller shelter was located there called East Buskirk. It is no longer standing. The two stations were manned by the same operator stationed in Buskirk.

The B&M at one time had a double track section from Eagle Bridge to Johnsonville, NY of about 7 miles or so.  The track spacing was so far apart that the northern main was actually .9 miles longer than the southern main in a seven mile stretch. East Buskirk and Buskirk  are located at a wide spot in the double trackage. When the B&M single tracked the area the longer section was abandoned and the station at Buskirk was eliminated.

When I stopped to take a photo of the station as it looks today the owner was outside doing some early spring cleaning. It was an extremely warm week for March. I though I would ask her a little about the structure. She told me the building came up for sale over 10 years ago, around 2000. It still was all original at that time and in need of a lot of work. She and her husband decided to purchase the station and turn it into a home. At first all their family though it was a crazy idea but it all worked out. She mentioned that it was quite small inside but I noticed a large garage about the same size as the station or possibly a little larger for overflow home goods. The space is just enough for the two of them as they only live in the station during the good weather and head to Florida for the winter months. She asked if I would like to see some photos of how the station once looked and also as it did when they purchased it. They are great photos which I took photos of as seen in this post..George Dutka

A undated photo of the Buskirk station from the Joseph A Smith collection
The current owner of Buskirk station holds up an old photo she has of the station as it once looks when in use by the B&M. It has not changed much even with renovations into a home.

The Buskirk station as it looked when the owners purchase it around 2000. From the station owners collection.

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