Saturday, 27 July 2013

What's in the Box? - No. 2

All the packages and parts are seen along with the plans, photos and instructions.

B&M Westboro NH Sand House
One of the scenes I am planning to add to the White River Division during reconstruction  is a small peninsula that will connect to WRJ. It will be a few shop tracks and structures found near the B&M Westboro engine house. Although I will not have space for the roundhouse and turntable I thought of adding the diesel fuel track, sand house that is seen above, sand loading tower, section house, station and the other small structures found near by. Westboro was a compact facilities. I have already measured the station and section house for future construction. Westboro will make a nice spot to display my fleet of B&M-CPR engines when not in use.

The sand house kit is another offering by RailroadKITS that I purchased last fall at the Lancaster Expo. It was originally released by White River Structures of Granville, OH.  They mention in the instructions that the structure was built around 1904 and used into the early 1970's. It appears to still hold a third of its original sand and for some years was used for paint ball practise by weekend warriors. Today it is surrounded by a high fence and well secured.

The kit comes with two great photos that will be helpful, a set of plans (6 pages) including a location page for all the parts full size. The instructions are lengthy, 14 pages. The original kit (or early releases) has laser-cut walls and lumber by Northeastern Scale Lumber, not sure what RailroadKITS are using now. My kit's wood looks great.

The windows appear to be Grandt Line and the other metal parts Alexander Scale Models. Ladders and walks are from Central Valley. A package of sand is also included. The roof material is flimsy and will be changed out with styrene. Also the tar paper roofing will be switched with BEST roofing.

The kit looks like a good build that should not have many problems. I have already figured out all the assembly steps by just using the drawing and part location sheets. I will fill you in this fall with how it went together once I have a  finished model...George Dutka

The Westboro sand house during the fall of 2011. The structure is now secured behind fencing.

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