Friday 19 July 2013

WRD Tear Down Process

The left portion of this photo views the area that once was the hidden staging. It will become the foreground once completed.
With all the hot and humid weather this week I have been home and in the best place in the house, the basement were it is really cool. I decided this would be a good time to tear out the areas that needed to be removed so I can rebuild the layout as a operating point to point line. The staging yard will become the foreground with this side of the layout narrowed by almost half. Some of the bench work needs to be cut out and re-braced. I did all this surprisingly in one long afternoon. I am at the point that I can now play with some three foot long flex track pieces. I have a few good ideas but they still need tweaking...George Dutka

Looking into White River Jct. yard from the point that once was the duck under. As you can see a lot was removed from this area. The WRJ yard will be built along the rear wall which once was staging.

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