Sunday 20 December 2015

Engine House Storage Shed - using a Bulls Salvage Kit

A Bar Mills kit is what I used to add a storage shed to my engine house scene.
I put my storage shed this past week on a piece of Gartorfoam so it can be planted in my engine house scene. Refer to posts What's in the box No. 8, Sept 19, 2014 and Construction post Sept. 27, 2014 for more information regarding construction and what you get in the to get the scene done...George Dutka

I added more details than are included in the kit. Many of these are from Juneco.

A look at the rear of the structure. All four sides will be visible on the layout.

Static grass, Scenic Express weeds, limestone screenings, real dirt from Westboro and some newspapers are also added.


  1. A really excellent job George. Very nice paint and weathering. Scenery and details look fantastic. Overall an 11 out of 10 !

    1. Thanks was a nice scene to finish...George