Thursday 31 December 2015

MEC Covered Hopper - Hatch Spills

In service on the WRD a MEC cement service covered hopper is an Athearn model.
One of the cars I picked up this fall is for my modern modeling era. An Atlas MEC covered hopper that was used to deliver cement. If you remember my B&M covered hopper got a dusting of limestone powder around the hatch covers secured with Floquil flat finish. On this one I actually used fine mortar mix as spillage which comes in a bucket. I had a few house repairs to finish in this years balmy December...most did get done before it finally got the same time I used a bit of this cement on my MEC hopper roof. It does not look all that bad but I really like the limestone dust a lot better. Bragdon powders are also applied to finish off the car...George Dutka

Mortar mix cement is used around the roof hatches as spillage.
Quikrete fast-setting cement was used on this hopper.

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