Thursday 1 September 2016

CP Alco Switcher - N Scale

Some Bragdon powders are used on the trucks, lower sides and stack. I left the engine fairly clean although they all looked really dirty to me in person.
Back in the spring I picked up a N scale Atlas Alco S-2 for use on the modules's that Peter and I have been working on. The switcher looks good right out of the box so just some light weathering is used. Guess the shop track will be a combined CNR -CPR operation as I also have a CNR Mikado steamer...George Dutka

An overview of this Atlas offering. Mine is straight DC although they are offered in DCC with sound.

I tested it out on a piece of flex track and it operates flawlessly which makes me happy.

The details on the end of the cab are really good for N scale...really impressed with this little unit.

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