Monday 19 September 2016

Railranning Exeter, NH

The Boston bound Northeaster arrives at Exeter, NH on Sept. 6, 2016
Don and I stopped by the station in Exeter, NH on our way to visit Tom Oxnard's B&M layout in town. We found that we arrived close to the time of the Boston bound Northeaster so we decided to wait. It was also operating with a dome car so that was also neat to see. Listening in to the conversation of a few waiting passenger they had come to ride the dome car that day. The weather sucked due to Hermine and as the train arrived it began raining once again, Oh well...George Dutka

Flyer at station.

The dome car was right behind the engine.

Departing Exeter as it begins to rain. The old B&M station is seen to the left used as a general store and diner.

On the tail end is the Cabbage car.

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