Friday, 11 May 2018

Mount Blue Model Co. - New England Fire Hall

My finished fire hall.
I recently finished my Mount Blue Model Co. fire hall. It is slated to be included in a waterfront scene I am thinking of building as a stand alone display...more on that later...George Dutka

A look at the walls assembled. The kit went together really well and the instructions are as good as most. The photos included really helped.
Some of the boards are pulled up. The nail holes are added once painted and weathered. I find the nail holes stand out more when I do them last...will show you the tool I use in another post. I only used the door skins and not the build-ups as that would make them really thick when viewed open.
I did not have a fire truck and with the doors modeled open I needed something in there. I found an old truck (from my storage bin from 30 years ago) that I thought would look similar if I paint it red. One only will see the front end. I also added a horn from my engine parts bin which was painted silver.
I did something different with the wall colouring. I normally stain then apply washes of colours. This time I used full strength dollar store paint. Acrylic warm white on the walls, bright white on windows, doors and trim. The red is a Christmas bright red. I think the full strength paints are a bit thick but look good. I probably will go back to my go-to method of using thin washes in the future with PanPastel and Bragdon powder highlighting.
A look inside the open doors. The roof is still off and one can see a lot inside. This will change shortly when the structure is closed up. The colour selection was influenced by Bob Bennett's fire hall found in a 2011 RMC article.
The brick base, door trim and large door are all painted with dollar store red paint. Weathering to follow.
The roofing paper was painted with a mix of these acrylic colours. I then added some dark and light streaks randomly to the roof which adds varied interest. Anita's charcoal and rainy day gray are the tones used and the chalkboard paint is a gray black tone.
An overall look at all the roof sheeting. It took two full sheets and a portion of the third to complete the roof.


  1. Looks great.

    I am in the process of building their New England Farmhouse, which has some similar traits to this firehouse. I really love the quality of this kit, a very enjoyable build. I'll probably pick up more from them at next year's Springfield show.

  2. Hi Mike:
    This is my third build of Mount Blue Co kits. I really like their products and the prices are reasonable. I know which kit you are working on. It has a few variations one can build it as...looking forward to see how yours turns out...George