Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Two Wooden Row Boats

The finished handout from a past Fine Scale Expo. These free handouts from Full Steam Ahead are really nice models.
Yesterday Don gave me these two row boats in kit form that he got at one of the first Fine Scale Expo's we attended...funny I did not get one...must have missed that table. Anyhow I was tied to the phone for two hours this afternoon waiting on calls to setup some appointments for my mother as I am not around the rest of the week. I decided to take a look at what was in the kit while by the phone...things began to happen...in that two hours both boats were finished. Guess this post helps make up for the ones I will miss posting this week...George Dutka

This is what was included in the package. The instructions were not really that clear but the kit is easy to figure out.
Each boat is built up from six sections. Some sanding is required to smooth things out and angle the bottoms. One boat is modeled as flipped over.
I gave the whole boat a coat of Hunterline Corvan brown then a wash of acrylic white on the sides. Some green grunge is appled to the bottom with a few Panpastel shades to the interior and oars. The wooden bracing is not included. I also added a few nail holes were the wood is attached with copper nails.
The second boat is a flipped over version which is also simple to construct. I just leaned extra oars to the the hull.


  1. Very nice...but is this company still in business? the website no longer works, but these would be very nice to have on my layout.

  2. Full Steam Ahead was purchase maybe a year or more ago and I believe a new kit is on the way of row houses inspired by those found in Newfoundland. FOS Scale has a two pack of similar flat bottom boats that come with oars and an outboard for about $10...George Dutka