Saturday 28 July 2018

Jason Jensen - Structure Craftsman

This is the structure that Jason designed and now is offering as a kit in conjunction with a laser kit producer.
I am not a Facebook guy but I was told about a gentleman on Facebook that builds amazing structures and has designed and offered a kit for sale recently. With my wife being a Facebook person I asked her to look up Jason Jensen's page or site whatever you call them. Jason is a very talented modeler that puts model structures on Facebook regularly. I don't know any more that what I could see in a few minute in Facebook. For those on Facebook you might want to look him up and tell him for me that I really like his work. My wife copied a few photos for me to my the way I just learned how to text last month after my son gave me a cell phone. There was a problem getting a hold of me at the lake as this year we don't have internet. I did not see any problems...I am home this morning to pick up my wife before returning to the lake...posts might be limited this week...George Dutka

This structure I believe is a kit-bash of a few structures from FOS.

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