Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Red, White and Blue State of Maine Potato Cars

State of Maine NH and BAR cars pose on the WRD.
A group of red, white and blue potato cars were used by both the New Haven and BAR railroads. I have had a Yankee Clipper model of the NH car built by my friend Warren Dodgson for a number of years. He did a really nice job including brass etched roof walk and nice trucks. Recently an estate has come available that included a group of nicely built craftsman kits. Bob Bowes main interest in the hobby next to operations was building rolling stock kits for railroads that ran through New York state as this was the area he liked and modeled. I picked up maybe 15 to 20 of his cars. Some I have kept and others I knew that Peter Mumby and Don Janes would like...although Don is giving me a really hard time regarding a Westerfield boxcar we both really like. So far he has offered a Rapido covered hopper for it but I think he will have to up the anti. The BAR model I offered to Peter as I know he would  really like it. So now we each have red, white and blue...George Dutka

Warren Dodgson's model in the foreground which is now in my collection.
Peter Mumby's new acquisition in the foreground built by Bob Bowes.
The blue on the BAR car is a bit lighter than required but some PanPastel weathering will help this out.


  1. Always liked thouse cars, let the potatoes flow!!

  2. I really likes thouse cars, let the potatoes flow!

  3. I was in Allagash County last winter (skiing) and mentioned that I had one of these car. The local told me that they are not in use any longer because a string of them got stuck in a siding somewhere during a clod snap and all of the potatoes were ruined by being frozen. Now all shipped by truck, he says. In my hometown (Graniteville, VT) trucks replaced rail because of the flexibility of shipping smaller loads.

    1. Thanks for the additional information...George