Thursday, 24 March 2022

Throwback Thursday - Not Your Perfect ABA

The three locomotives look a little out of balance on October 03, 1988 as Via number 72 heads east out of the London station.
By Peter Mumby.

Most model railroaders would not likely think of arranging a set of three streamlined passenger locomotives in this configuration.  It would seem to defeat the purpose of not having to turn the power at the end of its run, and besides - it just doesn't look right!  However, in the prototype world, I'm sure there must have been a good reason for combining the locomotives in this fashion.

F9B number 6631, class GPB-17e, is the youngster in this consist, having been built by GMD in 1958.  FP9A units 6501 and 6512 both belonged to class GPA-17a and were assembled in 1954/55.  Strung out behind these locomotives were the cars of Via train number 72.



  1. Did the train split into two parts mid-way? If so, then both trains' engines would be facing the correct direction. I have seen that before.

  2. I would have killed to see those Windsor-Toronto trains! Long, interesting locomotive consists, and operating after Montreal-Toronto was taken over by the LRC fleet.
    Thanks for sharing,