Sunday 17 March 2024

London - Top End

March 16 2024 at CN East London yard. 
Yesterday I was in East London at the Saturday market which is near CN London East. Once done shopping the sun was out a short bit...I had brought my camera along. No power at the yard office so a quick trip to the top end of the yard (east end) I found three sets of power. Local yard 582 was switching while it appears one of the BN units is now being used here in town. Of course it is not working and a larger than normal shop staff...probably all from Sarnia are working hard to get it running. Way back in the distance one sees the power for train 434 which is the London to Toronto (Mac Yard) train...not a bad find for a gloomy day that I did not plan on...George Dutka 

Looks like a lot of head scratching happening here. Note the number don't have to be good at decaling to follow the prototype.


  1. Do you think they would have checked to see if there's fuel in the tank ?

  2. Hi Jim
    I would hope so, who knows if the gauge even works...George