Saturday 9 March 2024

March 2024 - Update

NH Providence yard May 1970 Ken Patton Photo.
A bit of this and that. I have not been doing any modeling in the past 6 months. Between my wife's health and my hip replacement time and motivation has slipped by. I actually could not get down the stairs to the basement for 6 weeks. I hope to visit a couple of train shows and layout tours during the next two months that might get me motivated and take my mind off other things.

I wanted to mention that if you find some of the photos on this blog not as clear as expected the reason is the last few years I have had to reduce the Pixels size drastically to stay within the boundary of the blog provider. One get so much space and I have used that up years ago. I have found that if my photo sizes are below 600 (I am using 590 as my size) it works. The issue is the quality suffers. If I want to post larger photos I would have to pay a monthly fee. As I am only doing this as a hobby, passing along to you what models I have completed, places I have railfanned and things learned through the hobby I don't feel I want to incur any expenses. If you see something on the blog you would like to see larger, e-mail me and I can send you a copy.  

CVRHS Editor of the Ambassador Steve Horsley has quit. So till they find another editor CVRHS president Laz and I are working on issues. So for the next little while I might find myself back downstairs running my photo scanner. It has been actually fun as I am looking at slides I have not seen in 25-30 years. I will share a few with you along the way. 

I got out on March 5th for the first time since the beginning of January railfanning...although it was only taking photos in CN yard London, it was nice to be out and about. Last month my friend Andy took me to the O gauge club in town for our local modeling group get together. I have some photos included here. Well I guess I may have taken in some activities over the winter...George Dutka

I took this photo of my group of Rapido hoppers which shows difference in coloring. The one on the left is CN with light weathering and the two on the right are CV just out of the box. All three are colored the same with a brown-red tone more to the orange side. The darker LV hopper is more a dark brown-maroon tone. Rapido has tried to follow what was applied to a specific car.
At the London O Gauge Club one of the scenes being modeled is St. Mary's Ontario on the CN. This station has been 3-D printed. A wonderful looking model.

The St. Mary's town stone water tank has also be modeled in O scale. Once again another 3-D printed model.

O scale road power at the London O Scale Club. 

The London yard job #582 is being worked by an engine which looks like it is ready for a face lift. March 5, 2024

I am standing next to the main line in WRJ at mile marker 14 which is about the middle of the B&M yard. Some of the abandoned B&M structures are seen in the background. May 4, 2000

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  1. Good to see you back in the line-up; all the best to you and family. Roger Sekera