Saturday 17 November 2012

P&LE AAR Boxcar

The two finished boxcars are awaiting lifting on the White River Division. Peter Mumby's model is on the left while mine is to the right.

Using up C&BT Shops Boxcar Shells

Last winter Peter Mumby dug out a full box of C&BT Shops AAR 40 foot boxcar shells he has had for years. The shells did not have any doors, or details added. Some had floors while other did not. We decided to see what we could come up with using up some of our old decals and parts. We found enough stuff on hand for a half dozen models each using our leftovers. What a deal a half dozen cars that will not cost me a dime just my time. The first two models just completed reflect two different era paint schemes of the P&LE boxcar.

This C&BT Shops car is just about ready for a coat of paint.

My model reflects what the boxcar would have looked like when built through the 1940`s.

P&LE 5000
I decided to work from a group of photos published in the Oct. 1955 issue of MR. I had a Champ decal for this early era scheme. The car`s prototype had a 6 foot door but my shell had a 7 foot opening. I did a little work and came up with a passable door and opening. Details added included a Details Associates BW6402 brake wheel, Kadee true scale 58 couplers, Walthers trucks, Tichy wire grabs, Detail Associates 6215 coupler lift bars, Plano 40 foot steel running board no. 191 and ladders-tack boards from Peters parts box.

The colour on the prototype photos we had to work with gave the impression the boxcar red was more of a rusty colour. I decided to paint mine a mix of Floquil boxcar red with a little rust added. Once a gloss coat was added I used Champ Decal set HN-19. A coat of flat finish was added followed by chalk and weathering powders.

Peter`s model reflects the late 1950`s era.

P&LE 5703
Peter decided to model his boxcar as it looked in a late 1950`s photo from a Montford Switzer article found in MR Aug. 1993. Pete used mostly the same details parts as I used although he had a different brass etched roof walk than I did. Since it was not packaged I do not know the heritage. I did the painting and weathering so the comment above are for both cars. Peter lettered his car over the summer using Champ set HB-321...on to the next car...George Dutka

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