Saturday 21 September 2013

Petersburgh, NY - Rutland Ry. Station

This view is of the station looking North. In earlier years the station sign was hung under the eaves. Bob Nimke collection.
Petersburgh - Mile 22.3

Petersburgh station on the Rutland Ry. was located 6 miles south of the B&M crossing at Petersburgh Jct.  I am not sure when the first station was built or removed but for a time prior to the station seen above (built 1903) there was a passenger car in use as the station. The station had a slate roof, a 10' by 150' gravel platform and a loading platform 16' long by 3'6" high on the north end. The loading platform was retired in 1933 but remained on the station till the end. The station sign at one point was silver leaf lettering on a black board. The station was retired in 1952.

The station dimensions vary depending on which site plan you look at. It was noted as 16' by 54' on one, 26' by 55' on another. The actual evaluation drawing of the station give it the dimensions of 16'4" by 60' with a wall height of 13'8" and ridge height of 20'6". The overhang is noted as 5'. The operators bay is 9'6" wide. The station evaluation indicates it as constructed using the 16' by 40 station plans. That would be Rutland's W-102 plan for a 16' by 40' or 22' by 55' station. It would originally have a white exterior and varnished interior.

Petersburgh did have a 651' siding, which was retired in 1939. In the early days a furniture factory was located behind the station. Just south of the station was a shirt factory and beyond that was the C.W. Reynolds coal shed.

A collection of Petersburgh station photos can be found at the link below...George Dutka

 Poulin Collection - Petersburg.pdf
Note the station signs at one time was attached to the roof. This photo would have been taken around 1951. Bob Nimke collection.

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