Monday 9 September 2013

Plywood on the WRD

White River Junction is seen in the background with the foreground mainly removed. I have the station set aside for safe keeping till the foreground is set.
It has been a really long time since I have seen raw plywood on the White River Division. Seeing it gives me options for change. The best change so far is no duck under. With the tear down behind me I realise how my body is changing. A long afternoon back a few months ago began under the layout dismantling components that had to be removed before I could work up top. The next day I could hardly move. Who am I kidding I could hardly move while I was working under the layout...I think I should have built it higher up...more to come...George Dutka

This area was mainly hidden staging. The mountains and trees could be seen only as background or when one peeked over the foreground mountains. This will become the White River Junction yard. When I changed the layout shape the face board did not stretch all the way. I need to add a small filler piece at some point.

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