Wednesday 18 December 2013

EXPO 2013 Layout Tour No.5

Kip Grant's D&H Sunnyvale Don Janes

    The second layout George and I visited on our trip to the Model RR EXPO was Kip Grant's D&H Sunnyvale Branch in Queensbury, NY.  The layout is fully finished and occupies a 12" x 20" room in Kips nicely finished basement.  I had seen quite a few photos of Kip's layout both in photos Kip had sent me and also in two model railroad magazines but none can capture how good the layout looks as when you see it in person.
      Kip's layout was featured as a cover story in both Great Model Railroads 2011 and the Apr.2013 issue of  Railroad Model Craftsman.  I recommend you pick one up and enjoy some great modelling. 
     Kip was a very gracious host, both running trains for us and explaining all aspects of his layout.  I was most impressed with the way the layout portrayed the prototype so well and the amazing attention to detail and realism he has accomplished.  Kip holds regular operating sessions with a group that includes several retired D&H employees which he says really helps get a feel as to how the real railroad ran.  The layout features quite a few trackside industries served by rail yet has a very open uncluttered appearance at the same time.  Kip uses wireless NCE DCC to operate trains which by the way run flawlessly.
   I know seeing Kip's work has been a great inspiration to me as I am building my own layout.  I am always referring to his photos for ideas for my layout.
This scene featuring downtown Sunnyvale nicely represents a moderate sized New England city in a fairly small space. 
This is the depot at Sunnyvale.  Note all the prototypical details Kip has added.
This great looking little Drive-in is on the outskirts of Sunnyvale
This photo shows one of the well detailed non railroad structures Kip has included around the layout.
Notice how Kip has added an N scale farm beyond the tracks to force perspective and add distance to the scene.

This great looking farm scene is at Sheldon's Crossing.  The D&H freight is heading towards Junction.
Kip modeled the barn on the left from one that stands on the farm next to his place.
This scene at Jasperdale shows how Kip fit four trackside industries in one town without creating a cluttered look. 
This small but well detailed propane dealer stands at the edge of Jasperdale.  It is very typical of small propane dealers in the region.  This is yet another industry to be switched by the local freight.
Here we see the Hudson Box Company outside of Junction.  Note the water driven fire bell, hose connections and various other fire fighting fixtures (red details on wall).  Kip is a retired fire inspector and has used his knowledge to add such  details correctly.
This impressive coal dealer at Junction Yard also doubles as a view block hiding the stub end of the mainline that passes behind.  Very clever.

Here we see some D&H locomotives and a caboose on the shop track at Junction Yard.  Note how Kip has added just the right amount of details and trackside clutter to the scene.
George took this photo showing Kip operating the local at Junction as he explains the moves he is making to me.  That's the D&H freight shed at Sunnyvale in the foreground.  Fenimore is the industrial area to the left.  It is several inches lower than Sunnyvale and has a separate branch line leading to it.

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  1. what he did with that farm house in the distance was very clever! Im learning a lot from your photos thank you for posting them.