Monday 23 December 2013

Gilmore Fuels - Update

Another view of the garage included in the Full Steam Ahead kit.
In Saturday's post I forgot to mention a few points regarding the Full Steam Ahead kit. I began this project with What's in the Box No. 3, posted on Oct. 19, 2013. One can find all the parts included in the kit there. All the signs included in the kit are printed on thin paper. I decided to photocopy the signs and use the copies. The colour photocopy paper is more sturdy and I feel will stay on better. There was no loss of detail in the copies. The kit included black tar paper roofing which is made out of a good looking paper. I prefer to use the peel and stick roofing offered by BEST and Minuteman Models which has a texture that reflects real roofing better. Since finishing the kit I found my service station attendant I purchased for use with the fuel station. I have painted his uniform white and will include him at one of the doorways..George Dutka

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