Tuesday 31 December 2013

White River Division - Update

The Bellows Crossing station is now in place and the area is all scenic now. The station is a drop in module that can be replaced with other structures.
 A Christmas week photo-op
Last week with Christmas a day away I decided to clean up the layout room and put some of the structures at the locations they will eventually rest. I also dug out some rolling stock and engines, positioning them around the layout. This is the first time any rolling stock has been on the layout since construction began last spring. I also made up one train to operate a short distance....and I am happy to report it ran without incident. Why all this extra effort so close to Christmas. My gang, including grand kids will want to take a look at my layout on Christmas Eve. We have a large gang over for our annual Christmas Eve party...it also is my sons birthday. Pierre Oliver was also planning on stopping by on Friday to take a look at what I have been up to. Pierre and I did have a nice visit and he passed along a few good ideas for static grass applications...one of the areas I am new to and really needed some help with. After Pierre left on Friday and before I removed the rolling stock and buildings I decided to take a group of photos which you can see below...now back to removing what needs to go and onward with my scenery chores...Happy New Years...George Dutka

Both buildings at the Bellows Crossing diamond have got an update.
The White River Junction station is now reversed from previous years. We now see the B&M side of the building with the ball signal outside the door. Some scenery needs to be finished in this area.
The coaling tower is placed near the foreground now. The sand house and water spout are also put in place. I used the small shanty that used to be at the diamond in this scene also. Some rolling stock is staged for the holidays. The crews are away though on Christmas leave. I finished the scenery at this location on Sunday...more photos to follow.
The WRJ Central Vermont section house got some chalk weathering and set in place. I plan at some point to redo the roof with BEST tar paper roofing. I originally used masking tape about a dozen years ago...still holding up well.

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