Thursday 28 August 2014

A Switch of Freight House

Don`s Bellows Falls, Vermont freight house on his old Green Mountain Division. He did not find a new location for it during a rebuild of the layout and now the White River Division has a new structure for the upcoming Bellows Falls scene.
photos by Don Janes
Don Janes is currently in the process of figuring out which structures he will be reusing on his Green Mountain Division. He does has a very nice collection of buildings that came off the layout during tear down. I had mentioned to him numerous times that if the Bellows Falls freight house does not fit the new layout it would on mine....I am modeling Bellows Falls. Back in July Don made the final decision that the freight house was not going to work and lucky me he offered it for sale. He had been talking with Neil Schofield about his freight house which he was willing to sell. Don purchased Niel`s freight  house, I purchased Don`s and we all are now happy....check out the photos of the great looking models....George Dutka

Don has set his new freight house at the location it will eventually reside on the Green Mountain Division. This is a very nice model that Neil Schofield built.

The rear side of Don`s new freight house.
I took this photo of my new freight house on the work bench last month.  For now it will sit on a shelf till the bench work is completed on my addition to the WRD later this fall.

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