Friday 1 August 2014

Rural Sawmill - Woodland Scenics

My partly detailed mini sawmill scene is seen in the foreground of the White River Division.
Woodland Scenics at one time offered a rural open air sawmill which I purchased intending to use it on my HOn30" narrow gauge layout. I built this model about 15 years ago (or maybe more) it just was set aside till it finally found itself located on my White River Division a few years back. With my layout rebuilding last winter it did move to a new location but still as a foreground detail. I really like the looks of this tiny piece of machinery. One can do a lot to alter the look of such a scene. Maybe add a structure above. Currently I don't see this neat metal kit offered on the Woodland Scenics web site but it appears Walthers does still carry it. I am sure one can track this sawmill down in numerous hobby shops if wanted. I still have some heavy logs, finished lumber and workers to add to this scene...but the flavour of it is coming together well already. I will keep you posted as the scene unfolds....George Dutka

My sawmill is seen with a small pile of coal, some sawdust and cutting laying on the ground. A few small logs are waiting cutting. I plan to add a few larger logs to the pile plus a nice stack of finished lumber. A few workers are also needed. The only guy hanging around at the moment does not seem to be much help at all....guess that why there is not much lumber cut. I also want to add a part cut log on the slider.

This is kind of an overhead view of the scene as it is coming together. I probably will lean a shovel on the boiler, and some more pails, cutting tools and a second saw blade...don't want the crew standing around waiting for a blade to get sharpened.


  1. Seems to me that someone did just what you suggested, added a structure around the a recent MR from last year, I think. I don't subscribe so I'd have to go check my local library to be sure, so maybe another reader could chime in for sure. Regardless, you've done a nice job! Looks like the guy sitting on the stack is playing a harmonica. Is he a Campbell/Merton hobo? One of these days I'm going to have to pull this one out of storage and build it. I always enjoy seeing the progress on the WRD.

  2. Hi Galen: I think that is a Campbell hobo...I have had him it seems forever...he is playing the harmonica. Don't recall the photo you mentioned but I think there is a tie cutting diorama that Woodland's offer that include all or a portion of this rural sawmill...George