Friday 15 August 2014

Nairn Sign - Update

I got an e-mail from Bill Gill awhile back and thought I would share his comments with you. "Back on June 30th you posted a photo of an old billboard you were interested in using as an inspiration for an old sign. That billboard isn't actually all that old. The lettering font was designed in the early to mid 1950s, so that particular billboard would be brand new for your time period. So use the weathering for inspiration, but not the fonts."  That is good advice...I was not sure how far back that font's heritage I do.

Bill continues with "I like old hand painted signs and did a workshop at Collinsville called Letterbashing which was an update of an article I had in RMC back in October 2010. It describes various ways to take computer fonts and make them look a lot more like hand painted lettering made for their particular time & place. The results can be quite noticeable or very subtle, but straight type fonts almost never look like hand lettered signs." You might want to check out RMC...George Dutka

Here's one of Bill's example from his Collinsville clinic:

A common computer font, no modifications

Letterbashed version of same sign.

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