Sunday 26 October 2014

Snapshot - October 2014

This barn just in front of the old B&A main line is looking pretty poorly at this point. I can remember one of my first visits down this road and thinking how nice the barn looked. This photo I took using Don Janes digital camera in 2008. At that time I was still shooting slides and was testing out Don's extra digital did not take long to change over.
When traveling through the Palmer, Mass. area I seem to always make a stop at the railway diamond. On these same occasions I normally would take a short drive over to Warren, Mass. and Tucker's Hobbies. Along the way, on Route 67 or better known as Boston Rd. one passes a rather large nice looking barn next to the tracks. The barn is unkept and over the years has got run down. Don Janes and I on our last few passings of this barn decided to document how it looked. As one can see there was not much left of it on our last visit. I am thinking it is totally gone by now...but I might be surprised....George Dutka

A look down the driveway toward the tracks. This side of the barn looks much better than the other in 2008.
A similar view as above looking down towards the tracks 5 years later. A little differed maintenance reveals a lost cause in Nov. 2013.
Here we have a straight on end view in 2008.
A straight on view in  2013 actually shows you the rear wall as the front wall is now gone...might be a neat scene to model on a contemporary layout of this area.

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