Saturday 19 September 2015

New out on the Shelves

It appears the Rapido NH FL9's are out now. The front display case at Credit Valley Railway had one on display. Check out the price.
Yesterday I headed over to Pt. Credit near Toronto for the fall boat show and to find out about getting some canvas work done on my boat this fall. After looking at all the nice new and used boat (by the time I left a $150,000 boat sounded cheap...don't tell my wife) I then headed over to Credit Valley Railway hobby shop one of the bigger locations near Toronto and a short drive away from the boat show. By the time I left Credit Valley my $200 plus engines purchased last winter and this spring sounded cheap also. I was amazed how much more engines cost these days. Guess it does not help that our Canadian dollar has taken a plunge. So the day did not bring me any deals on boats or trains... guess hiding my charge card before I left home was not necessary...George Dutka

Atlas has a new Alco out lettered for the Central Vermont. A great looking model but at a steep price around here. Sorry about the quality of the photos they are shot through the glass display case.
I found this 38 foot sailboat one of the more interesting offerings at this years boat $144,000 it is five feet longer than my current sailboat and the price...well two and a half times more expensive does not sound like a sensible upgrade for five feet.

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