Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Re-Purposed Rail Cars

Havelock's steel van is ex-CP 434700.  Today's conductor is Caiden Mumby, my three year old grandson.
The Cabooses of Havelock, Ont.
Photos and Commentary by Peter Mumby

Locomotives and cabooses are the most popular pieces of out-moded rail equipment to be put on display for the general public.  Railway museums are obvious places to seek out rolling stock, but many communities and private groups have such pieces as well.  The railway village of Havelock has two cabooses, one on display and the other in use as an office.  An ex-CP steel van is located by the tourist information booth along highway 7,  while an ex-CP wood van serves as the church office for Fellowship Baptist Church a couple of blocks north and west of the commercial area.  Modern era modellers take note: you can legitimately have a caboose or two on your layout!

When this photo was taken on August 03, 1996, this wood van was a recent arrival on the property of Fellowship Baptist Church, so it's latest paint work was relatively intact.
By July 04, 2015, the caboose had been re-sided and was fully labelled as being the church office.  This is probably one of a very few wood CP vans with Wi Fi on board!  I could have crawled underneath to check on the car number stamped on the frame, but the Canadian Trackside Guide saved me the effort!  It is ex-CP 437247.


  1. Great post, Peter. A colleague mentioned the end-cupola van to me...checked it out on Googlemaps but your photos are much better.

  2. Hi Eric...Peter is currently away at the lake...glad you found the post interesting...George