Monday, 13 February 2017

A Structure in Bellows Falls

This is how it looked the last time I saw it standing, Oct 14 2014.
Not sure what this structure was used for but it lasted on the island at Bellows Falls for a long time. Unfortunately it was gone on my last visit in the spring of 2016. I really like the lines to it and it could make a nice addition to my Bellows Falls scene...George Dutka

Another angle during my visit on June 12, 1994

My friend Warren Dodgson took this view on May 16 1992.


  1. That is a really nice looking structure. Too bad it no longer exists.


    1. Hi Tom:
      I was planning on taking a few measurements last spring when I was in Bellows Falls...oh well...I see your show went well...George

    2. It's a shame you were not able to get those measurements. Yes, I really enjoyed the experience! Thanks!