Saturday, 11 February 2017

B&M N-5 Caboose

My N-5 B&M caboose is in service on the WRD. I built this caboose maybe a decade or so ago. The Bowser kit makes a really good starting point for this model.
Concord Shops 30' Steel PRR N-5 Clones
The N-5's were built as 104700 - 104724 in 1932.  The cabooses were renumbered  falling in the C-11 through C-34 series in 1942 with some still hanging around during the Guilford era. These caboose were originally used in helper service followed by a long service life in through freight service.

 Painted boxcar red-caboose red they eventually received the post-McGinnis blue scheme with red ends. None of these cabooses had the common horizontal black stripe seen on other style of cabooses. In the 1980's the C was dropped in caboose numbering and the number 4 was added. So C-34 would become 434.

Modeling the N-5
Although one can look for a nicely detailed brass model for various style B&M cabooses, Bowser has a plastic kit that can be turned into a really nice B&M caboose for a reasonable price. I have already built one in the brown-red scheme but have since picked up a second kit that will be turned into a blue - red version for my contemporary fleet.

Bob Bennett had an article published in the Sept. 1995 issue of Mainline Modeler. In this issue he builds a blue and red version. Prototype photos of 433 and C-30 are also included...George Dutka

I picked up this caboose second hand at a show which has the ends already painted in red. With mine being the blue and red era, the ends will have to be repainted a brighter red. I have Tichy trucks and a few other detail parts on this project is  well on its way

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