Thursday, 23 February 2017

Brick Shed for WRJ Yard

My newest addition to the WRJ yard, a brick storage shed.
I finished this little shed last week that is really just an upgrade to a built structure I picked up recently. I plan on using it in the background of my White River Junction yard. It will just be peeking out between cuts of cars tight up against the backdrop....George Dutka

This is how it looked when I got it home. Note the corners have a big gap. I just filled this with canopy glue before repainting the walls.

The gap does not show now. The walls are repainted with a mix of red and brown dollar store paint. The roof was painted PC green and the base concrete by Floquil.

Everything got a coat of India ink before weathering powders. The roof got some gray and brown PanPastels. For the walls I began with a coat of Burnt Sieana Shade followed by Raw Umber Shade. Lastly a few dabs of PanPastel white are applied and dragged down.

The dock was not glued on level. I was lucky pulling it off. I painted it using Acryl wood by Model Master. All the painting on this model was done with a brush. The dock then got a coat of India ink and Bragdon powders. The box on the dock is one of the smaller F&C box details I picked up at the Coco Beach show.

The details are glued around the sides of the dock and walls as it would be too hard to reach into the scene to do.

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