Friday 26 January 2018

CNR 40' Boxcar - Prototype

Aug 1990 Peter Mumby photo.  This boxcar is in work service, note the small side door. Roof walks and tall ladders are still applied. Some repainting has happened. Note it still carries its original numbering.
Now that you saw my finished model in the last post, Peter and I had a conversation about this car at the show. Being a boxcar with an ACI label and U-1 wheel stencil applied Peter thought the tall ladders would have been shortened as many of the roof walks had been removed. This was something to consider when working on the model. Once I got home and researched photos I had, some by Peter and others I took of these cars we quickly noted that many of these old workhorses made it through their entire life with roof walk still on and with tall ladders, U-1 and ACI labels. Many of these cars arrived in the late 1980's and early 1990's in London, Ont. for scrapping and we took as many photos of the cars as we could....George Dutka

London reclamation yard George Dutka collection. Tall ladders, roof walks, ACL and U-1 labels still applied. Lot of the silver is seen on the roof.

CN Danforth yard Toronto, Ont. Warren Dodgson photographed a string of older cars. The end car has the maple leaf , May 30 1989. This would make a great model also.
Some inspiration for weathering. Brantford, Ont. Sept 17, 1991 George Dutka photo


  1. This is a worthwhile point -- as time goes on and I see more and more DVDs with archival railfan footage from the 1970s, it's clear that more than a few freight cars made it to the ACI label and U-1 stencil stage with roofwalks. You do make a good point, though, that many older cars had the paint weathered off their roofs by then.

    1. It seems conversation that leads to a bit more research yields some new knowledge...George

  2. Now you're talking ... cars for scrapping at London... yes!