Monday 29 January 2018

CNR 40' Boxcar - Updating

The finished model included some patching and a new superior door which is from a Front Range kit. The door is modeled freshly painted as a replacement.
A couple posts back I gave you a peek of a blue box kit I had updated. Here is the before, after and what I did. Captions tell the story...George Dutka

This is how the boxcar looked when I got it home. It has cut levers, wire grabs, hose bags and added stirrups. Some had fallen off but are still in the box. The roof walk was removed and grabs added for the tall ladders. The car has some over-spray in various shades. You are looking at the good side. The other side has a lot of spray blobs so it will need a lot of heavy weathering to improve the look.

The model builder had added some under-body details.

I am adding the roofwalk made from wood strips and  have just  brush painting the roof silver-gray which will look like all the paint has peeled off. The colours used are seen beside the car.
One can see the roof is looking done. After this photo was taken I added more dark staining and a bit of paint not yet peeled to the roof. On the sides I used Bragdon rust steaks along the seams and dusted the door with the same powders to flatten the original colour. Some paint out patchwork was also applied. CDS dry transfers are used to re-apply the numbering.
This is the other side. I added some rust streaks and a dark rust scrape line to hide the sins that had happened to this side. A good dose of PanPastel and Bragdon dark rust is applied. I used the original Athearn door on this side but clipped off the ugly over-scale lower claws. If I was to take the update further I would have changed out the thick upper and lower door tracks.
I changed out the brake wheel with what I had on hand, a Kadee 2025 model. I coloured it and the housing as newly installed and painted.
A look at the other side of the car and  the roof.

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