Saturday 29 August 2020

Branch Line Station

The box is open and one can see what came inside.
Atlantic Scale Modelers offered a small branch line station a couple of years ago. I picked mine up at the Albany Expo. It looks similar to what one might have seen on the B&M but it could work for the NH or MEC branches. It has a lighted train order signal and a neat platform that is easy to build using the included jig. I will be covering the platform on my narrow gauge blog shortly. The platform is actually more of an early era style....George Dutka

Tape is applied to hold the deck boards in place inside the jigs frame. Once all the boards are in place there is another jig for the framing and supports.
The instructions are very thin and photos extremely small. The walls all need bracing. I forgot to take photos of the finished model at the Albany Expo which would have really helped. There will be lots of photos in following posts that will help you with your build if you have purchased the station.
The walls are together and the operators bay is being glued together. The base of the roof and supports are also being attached...more to follow.

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