Thursday 20 August 2020

Throwback Thursday - GM End-Cab Switchers on CN

CN 7161 is working alongside 1205 at the top end of the London yard near Highbury Avenue.  By the looks of things, the forty foot boxcar was still very much in play on CN in the mid-1980s!
by Peter Mumby
Today's photo gallery includes an SW8 and three variants of that CN railfan favourite, the SW 1200RS.  All were produced by General Motors Diesel in London, Ontario.  The SW8 was built in 1951, and SW1200RS 1357 was a 1959 product.  Although quite different in appearance, both 7106 and 7315 were classed as SW1200RM units, and had been remanufactured in Montreal during 1987.  7106 was ex-1257, and 7315 had been built as CN 1325. 

SW1200RS 1357 was more than forty years of age when it posed for its portrait at the GMD plant in London on August 12, 2000.
Rebuilt in 1987, 7315 was a member of the 7300-7317 group which retained the basic as-built appearance of an SW1200RS.  This photo was shot at London East on March 08, 1988.
CN 7106 was working at London East on January 25, 1993.  The "Sweep" nickname was coined to describe the members of this small group of rebuilds

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  1. The Sweep and The CP Empress of Agincourt have to be two of the most-discussed and least-modelled models of Canadian motive power!
    Thanks for sharing these,