Sunday, 7 March 2021

Floquil Grime - Colour Change

Note there is a good difference between the new and old Floquil grime.

I have made up a card to display Floquil grime. As one can see the old square jar and the last offerings in the round jar differ in tone. I have been playing with other paints to see what options I could come up with to make a weathered wood look such as driftwood. My go-to is Hunterline creosote black followed by a coat of grime. I found that Hunterline creosote black followed by a coat of Hunterline concrete is a close match. Another product AK Neutral grey which is a filters product which is more of a wash appears to work well with Hunterline as the base. Although all three tones look different on the card they seem to work well over Hunterline creosote black to give one the weathered wood look...George Dutka

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