Saturday 11 March 2023

BEST - White Haven Shed

The finished BEST model with a tarpaper roof applied.

I built this "Just the Basics" kit which took no time at all. The stain and painting took longer than the actual construction....George Dutka

Vetero aged barn wood is applied to the walls. Three coats are required. I tested in on the scraps first...which is a good way to see how things will look when you are not sure. The top tone on the left is Hunterline weathering mix, one coat. I wanted to see the difference in tones. Vetero might have its place as a tone one can build up with more coats but I think I will stick with Hunterline for most projects for now. You will also note I used a lot of bracing as the test scrap walls really distorted when stain was applied.   

MIG Rail Center "Buff" which is actually suppose to be the gold for the CNR green and gold paint scheme is not the proper color for on an engine, but good for other projects.

AK rainmarks is steaked down the walls as a wash. Streaking grime and AK slimy grime dark are also applied.

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