Monday 27 March 2023

Doubleheaders Layout Tour 2023

An overall view of the Hespeler arena registration center for the Doubleheader layout tour. There was 6 layouts and displays setup. Four N scale and two HO scale modular railroads.
On Saturday I attended the Kitchener, Ont. area Doubleheaders 39th layout tour. It has been a number of years since I have been there for the tour. The tour was smaller than from years ago with about 20 layouts listed in the Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph and Kitchener areas. There was one in particular that I had not seen before and the reason for my visit.

The Waterloo Region Model Railway Club located in Maryhill has been building and operating a 1970's version of the CP in Northern Ontario radiating out of Sudbury. They have operation days were a 24 hour day is condensed into a 8 hour day on the layout. This club is one to watch. More on this club shortly...George Dutka

This is the Waterloo Region Model Railway Club layout. The large yard which emulates CP Sudbury is well underway with a scratch built station under construction and a completed ice house. Oh that is member Chris van der Heide who  has moved to Sarnia. He commutes to Maryhill to work and operate the layout. Chris also models Algoma Central and has a blog about it.

In south Cambridge I drove by this ex-CN caboose which has really been dressed up with signs since the last time I visited the area. I will have to make a trip here in better weather to try their ice cream.

Jeff Pinchbeck models the CP Sutherland Sub in 1938 which is located in the Saskatoon area. Although his layout had not changed much since my last visit you may note some unpainted boxcars in the background. Well Jeff has been 3-D printing some of his rolling stock and maybe offering them in the future through Black Cat Decals...more on his models shortly.  

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