Monday 20 March 2023

Rod Stewart at ITLA

Nick of ITLA with Rod Stewart at the ITLA head office.
Not sure if you follow ITLA's Facebook page but Nick who lives about 20 minutes away from me has sold a number of kits to Rod Steward over the years. Last summer Rod was in London for a concert and Nick of ITLA was sent tickets and had a back stage visit with the group. The following day Rod visited ITLA and Nick got a few photos of Rod at the head office and shop (which is actually his basement). This photo is from his Facebook site.

Since then Nick has traveled to London, England, I believe in December to take in another one of Rod's concerts and to visit his home layout. Rod has a number of homes, two in the US (Florida and California) and I believe there is a second layout in one....George Dutka 

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