Thursday 22 February 2024

Throwback Thursday - Scale Test Cars

Two very different styles of scale test cars were found together in London on May 20, 1995.

By Peter Mumby. 

Scale test cars of two different styles and eras were coupled together at Quebec St Yard in London on May 20, 1995.  420926 was a product of Atlas Steel from 1916, while 420927 had been built in 1969 by National Steel Car.  The newer car had been rebuilt in 1988 from covered hopper number 381933.  It might seem unusual to have two very different cars numbered consecutively, but this is likely the result of the rationalization of two different previous number series.  420926 was ex-400926, while 420927 had been renumbered in 1990 from 416060.  This variety continued throughout the number series.  I also have in my collection photos of 420925, 28, 39, and 41 in the older style, and 420930 and 36 in the cylindrical style.

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