Sunday 16 June 2024

June Update!

I went north with my neighbor on June 12 2024. We were actually looking at sailboats and Paul was after some cheese from area cheese houses. I wanted to get a few measurements from the CNR 4 door motor car shed at Palmerston which has been moved next to the station a number of years ago. I might build a model of it how it once looked in past years. This is the backside.
Just a bit of what is happening around here and were I have been...George Dutka

Hate to say I found some stuff to purchase at the NERPM meet. Now to figure out if I am going to put it away or use it right away.

A little wooden caboose on display in the Palmerston, Ont. CNR station museum.

This is the backside of the Mildmay, Ont. Home Hardware which is kind of neat looking...maybe a model in here somewhere. CNR ran through town at one time not to far from this location. June 12 2024

I realized you could not read the card on a past is a better copy for anyone wanting 3D printed items.

I was in Home Hardware the other day and they have changed the looks to the Camo-Coat spray paint cans. They also appear to have added another color...Khaki. 

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