Friday, 1 June 2012

Charlemont, Mass - Coal Shed

Looking across the river at the rear of the coal shed in Charlemont, Mass March 2012.

 The coal shed - a second look
Charlemont, Mass.
 Re-post from May 2012

My post of February 18th 2012 was about my winter 2010 stop in Charlemont, Mass. along the old B&M. I re-visited this site this March in the midst of an unusual heat wave. I was able to take a closer look at the structure and in particular the rear of the building. My earlier post photos view the front, these are from the rear and ends. The coal chutes still remains today as seen in the photos. I found a good amount of the roof to be falling in. A pile of the slate shingles are next to the structure. The structure is in very poor condition with the support beams rotting through. I would guess it will not see the next decade.

The original supports are brick columns but many have been replaced with concrete blocks. Original colours appear to be a barn red with olive or medium green trim. Some of the trim colour is seen in the peaks. I looked in through the missing boards and could see coal still inside along with additional coal sprinkled around the site. The building slopes back from the main line to the river side which leads me to believe that rail cars were unloaded on the main line side of the building and trucks are loaded on the river or lower side of the structure.

As I drove away I though I should have taken a few basic dimensions for modelling purposes, but that will be for another visit...George Dutka

Two of the four coal chutes are seen at the rear of the structure.

The green trim can still be seen in the peak area of the coal shed.

The support posts are seen in this photo. Some are the original brick while others have been replaced with block. Note the floor slope from the front to rear of the structure.
It is amazing that these chutes still remain.

The coal shed seen from the highway bridge looking east.

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