Monday 4 June 2012

Rutland RPO no. 191

RPO no. 191 is seen on the head end of a Bellows Crossing bound passenger train.

Kit bashed Rutland RPO
originally built by John Blatherwick 
Re-post April 2012
Last month I purchased three RPO's at an area RR show in Burlington, Ontario. They are from my old friend John Blatherwick's collection that is being sold off by a dealer working for the family when he has table space available at shows. The RPO's are two Rutland and one CNR international service cars. All three John built in the mid 1980's, and reflect the detail and construction techniques of that era. The first car that I decided to update is Rutland RPO #191. I am not changing much since I want John's efforts to show through on the finished model.
John's model seen with the RRHS Newsliner photo.
John's Rutland Ry. RPO is seen on my work bench ready for some add=on details. You can see some of the roof ribbing has been shaved off already.

RPO #191 is part of a series of three RPO cars (190-192) built by Osgood-Bradley in 1928. It should be noted that these were the last passenger cars built for the Rutland Ry. All three were sold in 1956. The RPO's were 71 ton cars with a length of 70 feet. There is a good photo taken in Burlington, Vt. by John Gardner of #191 in RRHS Fall 1989, Newsliner. There also is a colour photo on page 92 in "Rutland in Colour."

John's notes that was included with the car mentioned using a AHM underframe, Athearn roof and a kit bashed body. The blue prints below indicates how he cut up the car sides and added a couple of new doors. I did not do any changes to the car other than shave off the ribs on the car's roof  to match the prototype. All the details are add-on's that I think add to the overall look of the car.

John's blueprint for kit bashing the Rutland RPO.

I began by adding Kadee #2022 miner brake wheel, Tichy #3045 stirrups, and Tichy #3053 24" straight grab irons. I also added steam coupler piping from my parts box and #9507 Alexander marker brackets. The trucks that John was using did not run all that well since it had the old over scale wheels. I had a extra set of Branchline trucks that I had not used while building a B&M coach. They look great and run much smoother. I used the same Kadee #5 couples that John had applied. One of the mail catchers was missing so I bent one from fine wire and applied.

I painted the roof and under body Floquil grimy black. I also had to do a bit of touch up to the car body with  Floquil Pullman green. The roof, sides and ends got a coat of Floquil flat finish followed by a light dusting of chalk weathering...George Dutka

A short Rutland Ry. passenger train is heading out of Bellows Crossing on the White River Division.


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