Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Blog is almost full

White River Division
Possible Changes?

With the very hot local weather this week (feels like 40C...or 100F) I am at home and have started working on a few new posts. To my surprise when I went to load my photos a message came up after the second photo that the blog is full. Seems there is room for more text posts, but not photos.

I may have to start a second blog as the space allowed in this blog is now almost full. An upgrade can be added to allow additional photos but there is a monthly fee which I do not care to pay. What I have just done is go back through the past posts and photo edited. Mostly photos removed are from prototype features, none of the modelling shots are removed. I originally gave you all the views I had, but not all are needed especially when space is limited. Don Janes mentioned that maybe the photo sizes might be best reduced. I always wanted to give you the best quality photos, but reducing the photos is something we will have to do from now on till we find a solution.

If you have run into the same issue with your blog or may have a solution please let me know...I should have enough space at the moment to carry me through to the fall...George Dutka

1 comment:

  1. Hi George:
    On my blog...
    ... I post JUST text. I then link in the text to photos that I post on a gallery site (in my case, Photobucket, but Flickr and others would work too).
    It's working for me...
    - Trevor