Thursday 9 August 2012

A Camp along the White River Division

The tail end of a Central Vermont freight enters the yard at White River Junction just above a camp located along the rivers edge. The WRJ yard limit sign can be seen near the camp.

Modelling a Camp Scene
Just outside of White River Junction on my White River Division layout is a camp scene that is along the shore of the causeway. This scene is built almost inside the WRJ town, but is blocked out by a forest of trees.

This type of scene can be found in many locations in Vermont especially along rivers, ponds and lakes. I have also found good examples along some railway ROW's. In New England and in particular Vermont the local population seem to refer to their lake or pond retreats as Ontario we just call them cottages or cabins...but what ever you wish to call one I wanted to include such a scene on my layout. The space needed to model a camp is very minimal at best and the structures are very small.

My main structure is the add-on building that was included with a Sylvan Scale Models wooden home kit. I just made a new roof and repainted the walls. The garage is a kitbash of card stock, wood, and parts from an AHM farmhouse garage. Most of the camp residents are Woodland Scenics including the car. The canoes are resin Sylvan Scale Models. I added a little beach sand, limestone road and yard details to complete my scene. I even added a boat trailer in the garage to fill it up a little.

If I were to add another camp I would build it as a cluster of  small cabins in various forms plus a few outbuildings in just a little bit bigger area...George Dutka

Looking into the scene from the layouts edge one can see a CV Geep peeking out from a grouping of trees that somewhat separate the two scenes.

In the foreground one can see my two resin canoes along the sandy shore which also includes a good dose of stone and rocks. Most of the figures are Woodland Scenics.

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  1. George, this looks so good I'm afraid the canoes aren't pulled in enough to keep them from floating off! Nice work!