Tuesday 28 August 2012

MEC 40 foot Boxcars

MEC 4250 is an Atlas model that needed minimal changes. The boxcar to the left is my Train Miniatures conversion that I built decades ago.

A trio of MEC steam era boxcars

Over the years I have accumulated a small fleet of MEC boxcars. Three date back to the steam era. The Atlas model seen above is my most recent being added to the fleet in 2010. The other two are a Yankee Clipper model and a Train Miniatures conversion.

My first MEC boxcar was #5684 which began as a x-29 Train Miniatures model.

MEC 5684
This boxcar was built using Kyle Williams MEC ARA boxcar model article found in Febuary 1986, RMC. I believe the RMC model is still running on the Rensselaer NEB&W layout. I began the project with a Train Miniature x-29 model. I stripped off the roof walks, grabs, stirrups, and ladders. the door and sliders are redone also. I do not recall all the changes since this was about 1990 when I did the project. The lettering is Walthers and the paint was Floquil boxcar red. I used the trucks included with the kit but added Kadee couplers. Wire grabs, and stirrups are added along with new ladders. I believe I used an Athearn door.

MEC 4609 is a Yankee Clipper kit built by my friend Warren Dodgson back in the 1990s and was added to my collection about 10 years ago. The only change was the adding of some weathering.

MEC 4609
When my friend Warren Dodgson was getting out of model railroading about 10 years ago I had the opportunity to acquire his MEC Yankee Clipper kit. He really did a great job on it. All I needed to do was give the car a light over spray of Floquil boxcar red and add some very light chalk weathering.

The MEC trio are seen together on my workbench. You will note that all three are carrying different style logos. The Atlas model has a rectangular herald as first introduced about 1930, the Yankee Clipper a more modern round herald and the T-M has Maine Central spelled out as would have been seen on the cars when first built.
 MEC 4250
My most recent MEC boxcar is a ready to run model produced by Atlas. This is a very nice model that runs great right out of the box. The only change was adding Kadee #58 true scale couplers as the ones supplied by Atlas look over scale. I over sprayed the model with Floquil boxcar red then added a little chalk weathering while the paint was still tacky.

These three boxcars are among my favourites rolling along the White River Division...George Dutka

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