Wednesday 29 August 2012

Blog Photos

For the last few months when I had a moment I played around with the photo settings and sizes to see what I can do to add more photos to my blog. It appears by posting them one size smaller...I normally post at extra large...the file sizes are cut in half. I also have been downsizing the files to 590 pixels as it appears that files under 600 pixels do not effect my blog storage capacity. By rearranging some of my past post photo sizes plus keeping the files smaller, I should be able to squeeze another year out of this blog...George Dutka

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  1. Hi George:
    This is why I put all of my photos on a gallery (I use Photobucket, but Flickr or Picassa would also work), and simply add links to my blog entries. My blog only contains words - not as visually interesting, but people are enjoying the content...
    - Trevor (