Saturday 11 May 2013

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NECR engine on train No. 601 heading out onto the Claremont, NH high bridge, May 2013. William Gill photo

William Gill sent me a link to his railroad photography blog from upstate New York and New England called ihearttrains. He has many interesting night photos that he has taken in the past few years. In his earliest posts one can find some great shots from the NEB&W club layout in Troy, NY. He even took some nice model night shots. William lives in the Troy, NY area. I have included his most recent post photo above and a sampling of his work below..check out Wills site link below...George Dutka

Blog | ihearttrains | William Gill: railroad photography from upstate new york and new england

William adds some action to a still shot on The NEB&W club layout
William Gill is set up for a night shot at Bartonsville, Vermont station using the same equipment he uses for his outdoor night photography.
Another night scene on the NEB&W. Photo by William Gill
The human element of railroading. Photo by William Gill
An after hours view of the ex-B&M Eagle Bridge, NY station scene. William Gill photo.

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  1. Just met Bill this past weekend at the NEB&W ops session - he does fantastic work for sure!